Hot Desks in Cairns

At the Bunker coworking Space there are two rooms dedicated to providing hot desks.

The main entrance hot desk area

Coworking in Cairns

Entrance office 6 desks

The main entrance room has five hot desks, 150cm x 75cm tops. There are two dividing screens to cut the room up. They also absorb some of the noise along with the curtains for the large windows.

The floor is polished concrete. There are fifteen LED down lights which give a very even lighting in the room. During the day the natural light floods in, and is controlled with the curtains.

It has its own air conditioner

The printer room hot desks area

Rent a hot desk Cairns

Printer office

The second hot desks area has three desk spaces. It is in the area, with the printer and the router, which is rated at 100mbs download, and 30mbs upload.

It has its own air conditioner and is carpeted which  dampens any noise.

One desk is 180cm x 90cm and the bench is 290cm x 75cm and it rests on files and draws.


The aim of both the rooms is to provide a pleasant environment to boost your productivity. There are a dozen free car parks at the door. You can drive directly to your office, and you do not have to feed parking meters during the day, or pay high prices for parking.

For regulars we operate 24/7, and they can come in during the evenings or weekends, if that is a requirement of getting their work done. Often we have digital nomads who are dealing with Europe, USA or South America, who do night shifts.

If you need to make noisy phone calls we usually go into the Board Room, if it is free, or relax under the market umbrellas outside. 

The carpark outside is surrounded by a high fence, and the front high gate is locked in the evening with a combination lock. The area is safe, but this adds another level of security for night workers.

See the layout on the Bunker Floor Plan page

Alternate hot desk establishments in Cairns City can be found at The Art Work Spaces or the iiHub