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The Bunker coworking Space History


David Burston the Director of The Bunker coworking Space, was the Pitch Master for four years at theSPACE, the original innovation centre in Cairns started by Troy Haines in 2012. During this time he built up a large network in the entrepreneur field and enjoyed the energy and the creativity of the work environment.

In November 2020 the Tafe needed their rooms and theSPACE closed down after eight years of being the frontrunner in the start-up space. David then worked from home but after a few months cabin fever set in and he decided it was time to get an office.

He could not find anything that suited his needs or price range, so he decided that others must have the same problems, and to do something about it.

The Bunker coworking Space

David looked at the bottom section of a Queenslander, the price was right, plenty of room 150m2, but it needed a heap of work. Surrounded by rubbish and weeds and it needed painting, carpentry and paving. It was a roughie with potential. He called his mentor in, Christine Clifford to check if a mental institution was needed for David, or it really did have potential. However so as to not set expectations too high we decided “The Bunker” was an apt name.

Christine gave it the thumbs up and has been a tremendous support ever since. It took five weeks of painting, carpentry, paving and gardening to polish the building and surrounds, but it has come up beautifully.

The garden at the back of the Bunker coworking Space
The vegi and flower garden at The Bunker coworking Space

Since then David from The Bunker has been active in the Cairns entrepreneur community. He has attended many of the networking events, with the highlight being the Tropical Innovation Festival. The Y(E)P team did an amazing job bringing in Australian and international speakers in a totally chaotic Covid threatening environment. And they are ready to do it again in 2022, book your tickets early.

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