Please contact the office or text 0400 030 835 to request booking to ensure availability. Use is available 24/7 with bookings.

Normal weekday hours 9am to 5pm – but often 7am to 7pm

All desks have 32″ monitors, laptop available for emergencies $20/day

Casual Desk Hire – Half Day 4hrs max
Per Half day $21.00
Half day Block of 5$95.00 Valid 6wks
Half day Block of 10$168.00Valid 3months
Casual Desk Hire – Full Day
Full Day$31.00
Full day Block of 5$140.00Valid 6wks
Full day Block of 10$248.00$208.00 Tot Valid 3m
Monthly Desk Hire
1 day per week/m$112.002hrs Free Meeting room
3 days a week/m$219.004hrs Free Meeting room
Full time + 24/7 access$327.008hrs Free Meeting room
Small 2-3 Desk Offices/Chillout room
Full time/m$790.00
By the day$95.00
By the half day$65.00$20.00/hr
Board Room4 people
Per hour$20.00Regulars have access to Google calendar
Per 2 hours$40.00
Per 4 hours$65.00
Per Day$95.00
Outside Paved Area
Half Day$50.00
Full Day$90.00
RefreshmentsPlease leave funds in glass
Expresso per cup, quality beans$1.00Milk & sugar provided
Tea Black/Green cup, T2 lose tea$.50
Charcoal filtered water for all drinksCold water in fridge
PrintingLeave funds in coffee glass
A4 5c black/white 20c colour
150Mbps upload, 100Mbps DownloadFree
ShowerFreeA carrot for digital nomads

All rooms have their own air conditioning, and there is the Meeting room, if not in use, for noisy phone calls, or for destressing.

There are three good coffee shops a little over a block away; The Quack, 105 McLeod St; The Goose, 154 Sheridan St; Mi Piace, 119 Sheridan St; & Hasham’s Dips & Mediterranean Cafe, 117 Sheridan St.