The Bunkers Values

Mission Statement

To fan the creativity and reduce risk in our local entrepreneurs to accelerate their path to success.

Our Vision

To create an environment where people and teams come together to solve unique challenges and amplify their productivity and effectiveness.

Our Impact

The Bunker coworking Space is a for-profit social enterprise that provides a safe and flexible environment that encourages our members to purse the solutions that our people and planet face at this time. By validating and structuring business ideas in the early stages we save our community time and resources. We foster and encourage the unique talents and passions of our members to align with their business dreams and goals.

The Bunker coworking Space Values


Belonging to a positive and stimulating tribe keeps you creative and energised. The collective knowledge and support builds trust and respect with your peers. Our community is greater than the sum of its individuals. 


We have a responsibility to each other to be fair, honest and act with dignity.


Ambition and drive can be a double edged sword for entrepreneurs. To be mentally prepared for the pressure and stress it is critical to take care of your emotional and physical health.

Inspiration and Innovation

Inspiration is the fuel to awaken us to new possibilities. It propels us from procrastination to clarity, enabling new possibilities and solutions that add value.