Zoom Meeting Room

The Bunker coworking Space’s board room is ideally set up to be used as a Zoom meeting room. The room is compact and there are sound panels on the wall to increase the quality of your voice when Zoom conferencing

Zoom meeting room equipment

Zoom meeting room

The Bunker Boardroom

The Boardroom has an overhead digital projector if you have multiple people sitting in on your call.

If required we can supply cameras on tripods and also a Blue Yeti microphone. This will ensure that you can present professionally.

There are mobile white boards if you need to include physical explanations when presenting your material.

The round table is 1.2m wide so there is plenty of space to get organised, and for people to sit around.

We normally have a spare laptop available if this is required.

24/7 Access

We service digital nomads or those needing to converse with people on the other side of the world. Book to arrange night and weekend access to the Zoom meeting room. We have had a number of working travellers who have made use of this option. It allows you to present in a relaxed manner.


The Bunker coworking Space faces a large carpark which has a high wall around it. There is a high access gate, which is secured in the evening with a combination lock. This ensures night work can be done feeling secure. We are in an area that has a low crime rate. There are also people who live above The Bunker Space and David, the Manager lives in the next block, several minutes away.

The carpark at the Bunker ensures you do not have to park your vehicle on the street. You can park next to the front door and bring your equipment in with you.

Pricing of the Zoom meeting room

See the pricing page for the Board room pricing

Most of the other establishments that rent small offices such as The Boland’s Centre . They have beautiful offices but you are limited to the time that they can be accessed.