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This tab is to do more of a deep dive into each of the main benefits that The Bunker coworking Spaces provides. Through making office space available in an economical and flexible format, it gives new businesses the opportunity to flourish.

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The value is not in the office space, but the community!

Often the critical step is at the very start, when the idea is becoming reality. It is possible to either procrastinate for years, or dive in too quickly, and face a mountain of risk.

The physical office or desk space is one thing. But the real value comes from being part of a community of like minded people. You can help each other overcoming challenges with an outsiders perspective. Remember Jim Rohn’s quote “You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with.” It is so true.

If you are ready to start a business, and you are surrounded by wage earners, their advice is likely to be negative. Not that they are wrong, they are just looking through the lens they view life through. Your view of life is now quite different to theirs, you can see your potential future, where you are responsible for your own successes and failures.

Your customers have to know, like and trust you.

Customers buy your goods and services, because they know, like and trust you. Think of the businesses you have not brought from, because your gut feeling said that they were shady!

Alternately, think of the people you have been happy to pay a premium to, because they give you such great service, and never let you down. That is where you need to be, having your customers happily paying a premium price.

I came across an entrepreneur who was selling credit card readers, and he was up against the major banks and online service like Tyro. He serviced the Tablelands and visited his customers every month.

When I asked him what he was selling, he said, “Credit card readers.” I asked him to think about it, and tell me again what he was selling. He responded with the same answer.

Suddenly the penny dropped, “He was selling a credit card readers personal face-to-face service.” That was his point of difference. That was why his customers could get to know like and trust him. None of the major banks or Tyro spent a minute talking face-to-face. Plus you had to wait in line, if you called them by phone. Then you were likely to be talking to someone in another country, who knew nothing about your business or community.

Always fully understand the benefits you bring to your clients.

Accelerate your journey to success

Office space

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This is why becoming part of an entrepreneur community is so important, if you want to accelerate your journey to success, and reduce risk. To steal from a well known African proverb “It takes a village to raise a business.” It is not the office space, success comes from your community you get with the office space.

We are extremely lucky in Cairns with Y(E)P, The JCU Innovation Centre, Aus Industry, TIQ, Ellen Cox the Economic Development Officer at Cairns City Council and many more. We have a huge support base, that is there for you to use, often for free or subsidised financial input.

By being part of a community your become aware of the events and networking opportunities. These can help bring in new customers or develop your knowledge. Knowing what grants are becoming available can help you immensely.  Plus plugging into subsidised business education opportunities, can be a huge value to your growing business.