Office Space for Rent

Do you need office space for rent? The Bunker coworking Space has two 12m2 office which have two 180cm long desks in each of them. You could comfortably add a further 150cm long desk if you need more desk space.

The Bunker coworking Space is situated at 79 McLeod St, Cairns City, just on the fringe of the CBD. It has a large free carpark, which allows you to drive to the front door. 

Two hot desk office

#1 Two desk Office

Our normal categories for users of office space for rent

At the Bunker coworking Space we find there are several distinct categories of people needing flexible office space for rent in Cairns

We tend to attract people who are having a go in life, that are passionate about their businesses. They also tend to be generous with their time and wisdom.

Businesses just starting out or people expanding their existing businesses. They want to reduce risk, by remaining flexible as they establish. This allows them to take their business through the first stage of growth, minimizing risk. They can use this economical flexible office while they are establishing a cash flow, and developing business systems and a staffing policy. When the time is right they can then rent their own office knowing exactly what they need.

  • Tech businesses will often have thousands of dollars of equipment they work with. Safety and security is important, where they can leave their projects at night and lock the door. Otherwise they have to pack up everything every night and secure it
  • Businesses restructuring after the turbulent times we have been through. Some business owners want somewhere where they can scale down, and put the business into a holding pattern.
  • Those who are forced to work at home by their employers or business conditions. They can tend to find they are getting cabin fever with lack of motivation and productivity.
Office space for rent

#2 Office

Support facilities – There is a kitchen, board room, bathroom and shower and outside patio to support these rooms. There is a large car park that takes over a dozen cars and 97 McLeod St is just on the edge of the city.  For longer term tenants we can arrange VoIP phones.

Pricing – The offices can be hired by the month, day or half day, see the “Pricing page” for the cost.

Our offices are suited to entrepreneurs and start ups, for professional offices there are places such as Office Base in Manunda